Mary has been a certified photo organizer since 2010 and has been helping clients with photo management and backup services since 2007.  Jackie has been right along side her.  We would love to help you manage your photos and gain peace of mind that they are preserved for future generations.

Everyone has a story to tell…

Documenting and preserving photos is also a great way to share family memories.  Photos capture our greatest moments and help us to remember them.  Family photos and documents are often the most valued piece of history because they provide a tangible link to the past.  Research has shown that children feel important and loved when family memories are put into books or displayed in the home. Connections to our past are important because they develop and maintain our sense of place, a sense of personal and local identity, and often add to our individual sense of purpose and belonging.  Isn’t that a great gift that only you can leave for your children? As more images are being captured with digital cameras and older paper images are being scanned into digital images, the range of digital image sharing possibilities continues to expand. With some basic knowledge, guidance and inspiration, it is easier than ever to organize, preserve and creatively share your images.

The mission of The Memory Boutique is to help others capture, preserve, share and celebrate their memories using their computer without feeling overwhelmed by the process.

“We love to share our knowledge and to teach others how to quickly and easily preserve memories.  We hope to inspire others to preserve their special memories.  If we have accomplished that one thing then we have been successful…”

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Mary & Jackie